10 things you should see at RMB Latitudes 2023 (2023)

18th house 2023

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RMB latitudes
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RMB latitudes
RMB latitudes
RMB Latitudes Art Fair turned out to be one of Joburg's most exciting arts events of the year as it goes beyond traditional art fair expectations in more ways than we could have imagined!

It's really exciting that this art fair is back in its physical form, in an accessible and friendly environment from December 26-28. May 2023. The theme of the 2023 edition of this fair is"co-appearance",with a clear emphasis on the ideas of cooperation, cooperation and connection. A unique collaboration betweenRMBIGeographical coordinates on the Internetbrought together participating artists and galleries that share the ideals of celebrating art, nurturing creativity, and promoting exciting experiences centered on "art."

"In the context of African art, co-occurrence refers to the complexity embedded in the interaction of different cultural and aesthetic influences in the creation and interpretation of African art" - Linda Kachingwe-Sisya, head of marketing for RMB and FNB and Bredere Africa.

With all of that in mind, we highlight 10 things to look forward to at this year's show, a shortlist in light of the long-awaited new line-up.

1. Partnership: RMB, Latitudes Online and OpenStudios.Joburg

Above all, an exciting collaboration between RMB and Latitudes Online. No stranger to the arts, RMB shares faith in the African arts economy and the need to foster and sustain creative communication across the continent. Latitudes will bring art events and artists to existing RMB customers, opening up an inspiring world of opportunities for artists and collectors.
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OpenStudios.Joburg– founded in 2022 byMeta Foundationwho runs one of the largest art studios in Johannesburg,august house, has teamed up with RMB Latitudes Art Fair to give art lovers a rare opportunity to meet artists in person and see the process of creating their works. It's a two-day arts festival that takes place on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28, opening 11 studio spaces with over 150 participating artists and creators. Both events aim to generate enthusiasm for art and the art process and hopefully create future collectors and patrons. The latter partnership also means that works can be purchased directly from artists or galleries, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of rand. Tickets for each event must be purchased separately, but when you buy both, you get a 20% discount. On Saturdays and Sundays, a free bus shuttles ticket holders between sites, making it very convenient to explore Joburg's exciting art spaces.Buy tickets for Latitudes RMB here.Buy tickets for OpenStudios.Joburg here. More details below.

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2. An inspiring new art venue in Johannesburg

The physical fair takes place in Shepstone Gardens - a gorgeous 3 acres indoor and outdoor venue. A curated celebration of the arts, this iconic garden in Johannesburg is divided into several exciting themed sections, so you have plenty of choice. Visitors are invited to explore and discover the art in every corner of this unique place, wandering around the marble and roof pavilions. The scholarship is divided into six experience sections:
Latitudes Art Center(mødte Everard Read Gallery, Gallery MOMO, Goodman Gallery, Imba Ya Sarai Gallery, Kalashnikovv Gallery i SMAC Gallery)
International gallery section
(Arte de Gema, Dapaah Gallery, Deal Gallery, First Floor Gallery, Kulungwana, MOVART, Suburbia Contemporary i The Project Room)
Mezzanine and roof terrace(ARTCO Gallery, Christopher Moller Gallery, David Krut Projects, Eleven Editions, Jillian Ross Print, Lizamore & Associates, The Gallery, The White River Gallery i TMRW Gallery)
Center(Art Africa, Doyle Wham, Eclectica Contemporary, Gallery 2, Guns & Rain, KZNSA Gallery, Martin Projects, Origin Art, Reservoir Projects, The Melrose Gallery, Thomarts Gallery i WORLDART⁠)
Glass tent and gardens (Artist Proof Studio, Delaney Studio, Spier Arts Trust, The Artists' Press i The Art Room⁠)
Design shop(Kevin Collins, Lalela, Latitudes Limited, LEMON, L'MAD Guillotine, Marigold Beads, Mema Designs, Something Good Studio i Waldman Studios⁠).
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3. Exclusive exhibition:HISTORY-Three-way dialogue presented by Lexus

Historyis an exhibition showing intergenerational dialogue through the works of three artists -There are over 1000 videos in all formats from YouTube using Genius search. The exhibition explores the conceptual dialogue, color and line approach of those artists whose work connects to the theme of homage. The art market in particular has seen a resurgence of interest in the work of black South African artists, with many contemporary artists taking inspiration from those who came before them. In this case, Tlabela and Mulanga return to the heritage and themes of the Nhlengethwa from a new perspective and start a conversation about the new and the old.
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4. Local, African and international exhibitors

The main purpose of an art fair may be to see - or buy - art, and this year's fair will not disappoint. In addition to showcasing contemporary art from across the country, this fair brings together exhibitors from across the continent and beyond to explore how these diverse aesthetics and cultural influences resonate across the diaspora and contemporary art world - over 40 galleries and 250 artists will be participating!

Both young and experienced collectors can view and purchase works from emerging independent artists (some of whom also exhibit as part of the INDEX Special Projects section of Latitudes) to established artists represented by some smaller and larger galleries in Joburg and abroad. Current artists and gallery owners are there to engage in conversations about art, answer burning questions and explore the world of art for young collectors. This is the perfect fair to encourage curiosity and conversation as the environment provides an enticing, open space.

5. Quench Your Thirst…

We can all appreciate the most beautiful things in life with a perfect glass of wine in hand. And another good collaboration that will be presented this yearFranschhoeka Vindala, one of the most famous wine destinations in South Africa, which will attract 12 top winemakers to the event. Africa boasts a wealth of creative talent that transcends the art studio, creating a platform for top chefs and winemakers to share their craftsmanship.

6. Creative plating and good food

Sustainable ChefJames Diackwill produce dishes with organic, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients, most of which are grown on Brightside's organic family farm for the duration of the event.
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7. Legeplady of young artists of the RMB

The fair also provided fun for the whole family. RMB Young Artists' Playground, a special children's creative program, offers fun and educational art activities for children aged 3 to 12. The playground offers four activity stations: The Zine & Printmaking Corner, The Tech Corner, The Up-cycling Corner and The Playdough Party. All include supervised art classes for children, available throughout the day and throughout the fair weekend, allowing parents and children to enjoy creativity throughout the duration of the fair.
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8. Exhibition of Young Artists - A look into the future of art

RMB Latitudes Art Fair invited young artists aged 5 to 12 to submit their works for the Young Artists Exhibition. This exhibition aims to discover and nurture the creativity of young artists from local schools and encourage young artists to explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Nurturing a love of art from an early age, the Young Artists Exhibition aims to contribute to the development of a new generation of artists who will make an important contribution to the world of art. It is also an opportunity for young artists to present and highlight their work on a professional and public forum.

9. Art talk in spacer

Strauss & Co is organizing three unmissable lectures at the fair on Friday 26 May.
INTERVIEW 1 - Collectors Educational Talk on Collection Building with Senior Art Specialist Wilhelm van Rensberg, Senior Art Specialist, Strauss & Co; Arisha Maharaj, Art Specialist, Strauss & Co; Richard "Specs" Ndimande, Art Specialist, Strauss & Co
TALK 2 - 20 works defining the last decade of African art
Address: Azu Nwagbogu, Director, African Foundation of Artists, Nigeria; Alastair Meredith, Art Specialist, Strauss & Co; Michelle Jacques, custodian chef at Remai Modern; Sean O'Toole, art writer
TALK 3 - Changemakers & Rule-Breakers and walks with famous artists

10. Studio open on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28

Coinciding with the RMB Latitudes Art Fair, OpenStudios.Joburg, created and promoted by Sara Hallatt of the META Foundation, is the perfect opportunity to connect with emerging artists in Joburg. This year's event features 9 artist studio buildings: Bag Factory Artists' Studios, Lilian Road Studios, Play Braamfontein, Transwerke, Asibenze, August House, Ellis House, Living Artists Emporium and Victoria Yards. connects people with studies in the city. Open studio events are great for viewing artwork and chatting with artists without too much pressure.

All you need to do is book your tickets and go.

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Parking i transport
make a note. RMB Latitudes is a destination event. There is no parking on site. The fair has a park and ride owned by the Old Edwardian Society in Houghton where transport is provided to and from the event.
Hope Road is closed for the duration of the event. If you're arriving on an Uber or private ride, have your ticket ready at the roadblock to show the roadblock.*

For more information aboutRMB latitudes
For more information aboutOpenStudios.Joburg

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