Cheap flights from Bangalore to Frankfurt Airport from €25,180 | (BLR - OD) - KAYAK (2023)

Advantage:“The seats were very uncomfortable and cramped”

Inconveniences:“I'm really not sure. I felt like I was sitting in a chair on a rock and had great difficulty moving around so as not to disturb the person sitting next to me.”

Advantage:“Places were ok but often no vegetarian option”

Inconveniences:"I wanted to upgrade to business class, but the process was problematic - it had to be done at the transfer desk, not at the gate - after passing security ☹️ I tried desperately"

Inconveniences:“We waited almost an hour for the bags to come out. It's madness"

Inconveniences:"Headphones can never be put on my seat or any other seat, watching movies was a bit difficult"

Advantage:'Qatar Airways can meet my low sodium diet'

Inconveniences:"entertainment headphones didn't work"

Advantage:"The A330, despite being an old aircraft, had a very good yaw position."

Inconveniences:"Entertainment was very dated."

Advantage:"The whole crew is helpful, especially for parents traveling with small children."

Inconveniences:“More food variety would be great”

Advantage:“The crew is very friendly and the seats are very comfortable”

Inconveniences:“Nothing could be better because everything is perfect”

Inconveniences:“I really didn't like that the internet was only free for one hour. And that I can't make international calls via Wi-Fi at Doha airport."

Advantage:"Not much except Hamad airport."

Inconveniences:"Food. Seats. Entertainment - Half the time the touchscreen doesn't work."

Advantage:“The crew, we are friendly and helpful. The seats were good.”

Inconveniences:"An old plane, so the inflight entertainment systems were not working properly in 3 of the 4 seats we occupied."


Inconveniences:“The entertainment was very poor. The food was not good, even the crew didn't have enough food for all the passengers. The seat was uncomfortable. I would like to avoid this airline in the future."

Advantage:"Entertainment; The food is fine”

Inconveniences:“Despite the higher price, there is no choice of seat unless you pay extra; a family of four will be spread out and will be given only the middle seats, except for the aisle seat';

Advantage:"Airplan 380 is comfortable"

Inconveniences:“Flight delay, there was a selection of food on the menu but only one was really available. The touch screen was not responding well.

Advantage:"The crew helped me with the duct tape but it didn't stick"

Advantage:"Almost everything !"

Inconveniences:"At one point I had to find a flight attendant to find out where my coffee had gone."

Advantage:'The rules for checked baggage must be listed on the e-ticket. Due to lack of communication and clear documentation, I paid about $200 for excess baggage at check-in”

Inconveniences:"Communicating Baggage Policy"

Inconveniences:“The seats in this industry are flat but angled; it has a big impact on comfort.”

Advantage:“In an emergency, I will cancel the trip. Please return my bundle of money"


Advantage:"The Airbus was quiet and comfortable."

Inconveniences:“Stays in Dubai can often be quite long. Why print a menu? It's a waste of money and paper."

The airline missed my special meal order. These planes are really old and have very little legroom. The selection of movies is very minimal.

Lufthansa should strongly consider extending the transit time to accommodate passengers arriving from Bengaluru as the current transit time of 1 hour 40 minutes seems insufficient, rushed and you are more likely to miss your connecting flight to St. Louis. This would encourage many South Indian Indians to take this service to Su Louis

Entertainment options are very limited. The entertainment at the FRA do ORD restaurant wasn't even working. It is outdated and never received a response. The food is absolute garbage.

The food was awful. Alcohol, except beer, was paid for. If you're not a kid...who would drink milk? Boarding took 35 minutes and I was not allowed to use the fast lane because the fast lane was 30 minutes or less. The normal security check lasted 45 minutes. crazy rules!!! I just went through Indian security and never left… So why???? Planes are old and bad too...there is nothing good to say about my 30 hour flight

Service and food could be better. Terrible food and service from the crew.

Advantage:"Onboard Services"

Inconveniences:“Resulted in a delayed flight and missed connecting flight. The ground staff should have coordinated better from arrival to boarding the next flight. Chaos and lack of security staff at Frankfurt Airport. All in all a miserable experience”

Advantage:“The food at LH755 was decent. Second appetizer LH454, the cold sandwich was inedible! Too salty, soggy and just disgusting!”


Inconveniences:"Breakfast/Snack is very poor but none of the airlines offer anything decent."

Inconveniences:“Security check at Frankfurt airport is illogical and terrible! It took 90 minutes to complete the security check and get from one terminal to the other!”

Advantage:"Family priority boarding was easy."

Inconveniences:“The TV screens didn't work very well. The touchscreens were very slow to respond, which was a bit of an annoyance. My people didn't work at all."

The whole trip was well organized and pleasantly finished. As with most Qatar Airways flights, the staff was extremely attentive and helpful. The icing on the cake was Q Suite.

The staff was courteous and professional while also being friendly and accommodating. Oman Air has become my favorite airline.

Reduced costs for children in the lounge Children's area at the airport No spicy snacks Children's meals option Good movies More games and activities for children for 2 players No more vegetarian meals

Advantage:"I don't like anything, the seats are cramped and worn out."

Inconveniences:"No subtitles on movies and TV shows"

Inconveniences:“The plane was very small and full of passengers. The air conditioning was not up to the task. No luggage arrived in Lahore. I'm really depressed about the luggage. Please help me find my luggage”

Inconveniences:“The connecting time between the two flights you are selling as a bundle is not enough. It's a 30-minute journey with a 45-minute transfer and the gate closes 30 minutes before departure. If your first flight is delayed even after ten minutes (like me) you still can't catch your flight"

Advantage:“It could use service with a smile and a more humane approach”

Inconveniences:"The same hygiene and quality standards on all flights and in all sectors"

Advantage:“Very good value for money.”

Inconveniences:“If you sit in the back, the selection of entrees may be limited as they run out. I'm not sure how to properly solve this. But the food was pretty good."

Advantage:“It's impossible to enjoy a flight you didn't choose and had to fly due to a rescheduling, especially if the flights you booked were at a time much more in line with your teacher's holiday schedule. Avoid Oman Air unless you are a sadist and enjoy your time forced flight. transfers and no compensation. When I was forced to transfer to a flight that arrived at 03:10 and my work was starting at 06:00 I tried (unsuccessfully due to lack of space and an anxious neighbor) to stay the entire flight overnight to keep me fresh and professional at work. A booked flight that was forcibly canceled allowed me to get home at 9pm in the evening before work. Oman Air declined an offer to upgrade me to business class so I could try to sleep."

Inconveniences:"I am a teacher. I can't choose my vacation hours. I get three fixed weeks in the summer. In both 2017 and 2018 Oman Air changed the schedule, which forced me to change flights. I had to pay a small amount out of pocket - they refused to pay $27.60 which I had to get home at 9pm to start work at 6am. They changed my flight so I arrived at 4am. I asked to be upgraded to business class to try to sleep. I ignored this request. Instead, he sent me a copy of the fine print saying that they could change anyone's flight and not award compensation if the "customer" was given two weeks' notice. I will avoid Oman Air from now on even though they seem to offer the best time to fly."

Inconveniences:“The amount of food is not enough. The chicken and fish went too early."

Advantage:“The crew was good. I liked mango juice and vegetarian food.”

Inconveniences:“The seats are hard. More leg room please. We need better entertainment with newer clicks. The toilet seat must remain in an upright position. Dining room tables must be simple. We should be able to recline the chairs more.”

Inconveniences:“The transfer time is 14 hours and they don't offer hotel accommodation and half board like airlines like Qatar Airways. I inquired about the airport hotel and it costs $300 for 8 hours. Funny. There is no good place to sleep in the airport. I saw people lying on the ground."

Advantage:“The flight was on time. The food was decent.”

Inconveniences:“A little more leg room and the food could be improved. Entertainment could include more South Indian content and keep you entertained for longer."

Advantage:“I was picked up from home in a Mercedes! Fantastic efficient service”

Advantage:“The crew was by far the WORST I've ever dealt with. Both on the flight to Abu Dhabi and to New York. They were rude, unhelpful and extremely arrogant. A fellow passenger spoke to one of them and mentioned that working with people was the worst ever. He has been at Etihad for 5 years!!!”

Inconveniences:“The entire crew needs customer service training and etiquette. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!"

Advantage:“Good flight friendly staff”

Inconveniences:“Check-in was over 2 hours late. This was due to system issues. Despite all the paperwork, further action was needed.”

Advantage:"US Customs Made in Abu Dhabi"

Inconveniences:"I will never fly a plane or recommend Etihad to my friends and family."

Advantage:'Nothing. I would never fly with this airline again. And I would tell everyone to never fly with this airline again."

Inconveniences:“I checked in for a flight ten hours early and no one told me I was kicked off the flight due to overbooking until an hour before take-off. Then the porter had the audacity to ask me if I was a VIP. When I said no she said she couldn't help me and that I had to wait for the next flight which was the next day when I complained to the manager they let me through security to be ready for my flight and I boarded last by plane. Their service is terrible!!"

Advantage:“The food was excellent! The crew was friendly. The stay was short and immigration to the USA was completed at that time!”

Inconveniences:“The check-in procedures were very slow. I could have had a few more collections of Asian and new movies. On our return flight, the airline broke (completely tore) the extendable handle of my very sturdy Samsonite suitcase! So now I can't move bag!"

Advantage:“The crew is very friendly and pays attention to detail. A stay < 2 hours is perfect.”


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