Cheap flights from Frankfurt Airport to Bangalore from €17,585 | (FRA - BLR) - KAYAK (2023)

Inconveniences:"My flight was canceled but no one picked up from"

Inconveniences:“No departures and arrivals gate. No business class lounges in Cape Town.”

Advantage:“Everything was very good and pleasant. I enjoyed my trip very much. Thank you."

Advantage:"The crew were welcoming and accommodating whether you wanted to sleep, watch entertainment or eat/drink."

Advantage:"smoother take-off and landing"

Inconveniences:“The quality and variety of the food is not good. In addition, the feed rate is very poor. Boarding should be better informed and better organized in advance.”

Advantage:“The crew was friendly and helpful.”

Inconveniences:"The seat could be firmer, and a little more space between the rows would be a huge plus in terms of economic comfort."

Advantage:“The food was good and there were plenty of nice movies.”

Inconveniences:“The first time I got on a plane and sat in my assigned seat. I smelled a terrible stench, the smell of vomit. I alerted a crew member and she helped me with a deodorant spray."

Advantage:“Entertainment and food in Qatar are always great!”

Inconveniences:"As I sat down in the chair, a Muslim woman came up and said I was sitting in her chair. I looked at her ticket and although it was the correct seat number, she was on the wrong flight. I have a stewardess to help her. passed three boarding pass checks and was still on the wrong flight. They let her fly!"

Advantage:"Choice of food. However, snacks should be readily available on long flights.”

Inconveniences:"Entertainment that other international airlines miss"

Advantage:“Entertainment was excellent, seats very comfortable”

Inconveniences:"Some crew members had to go green, maybe a little more experience will be needed."

Inconveniences:"It's very bad and the plane's radar is below average"

Inconveniences:“I flew Lufthansa to Bangalore several times. My complaint has always been about baggage handling. For priority travelers, baggage arrives in 30-60 minutes. If LH 754 to Bangalore is delayed, a bottleneck is created with Emirates and Etihad arriving at the same time."

Advantage:"The plane arrived early."

Inconveniences:“It has been hot on the last two transatlantic flights. What happened to having a nice cool flight and using a blanket when you're cold?"

Advantage:“The choice of food and the audience were amazing! The crew and selection of videos were amazing!”

Inconveniences:"The storage compartment in my chair was broken and I couldn't put things in it."

Inconveniences:“This caused us to miss our flight because Lufthansa was using wheelchair steps to get passengers off the plane as my 89 year old mother needed help in a wheelchair but I didn't have one at the time. my heavy hand luggage plus underseat luggage I had to hold to my old mum that I had to walk to the bus. Pretty good distance which took us to another 10 minute terminal drive. Transfer gate to Berlin, the plane was already entering the runway. Now they have to send us on the next flight, which was at a different gate. Overall, this trip left me very disappointed and terrible.”

Advantage:"Flight went smoothly and arrived early even though departed 30 minutes late."

Inconveniences:"Lufthansa should schedule more time to establish connections."

Advantage:“The flight was successful. Boarding was delayed but time was made up during the flight. Comfortable seats.”

Inconveniences:“It's always about luggage. Priority marked bags must always be shipped 'priority'. This never happens in LH. Priority flagged bags are sometimes at the end of the lane.”

Advantage:“Thank you for continuing to offer free hot meals on international flights! The crew is very friendly. Even though it was in economy class, the crew tried to make it a good experience.”

Inconveniences:“Bathrooms start to look ugly on a long flight. The arriving plane landed far on the tarmac, so all the passengers had to be loaded onto the bus, which took a long time to reach the terminal.”

Advantage:“Overall clean and efficient. Good service. Good craftsmanship and seating.”

Inconveniences:“The touch function on the entertainment system didn't work very well. I didn't get my second meal because I fell asleep around that time."

Inconveniences:“I was nervous that my flight wasn't waiting for me because I've traveled with many airlines that waited five to ten minutes for things like this to be done. Luckily, Lufthansa and United booked me on a flight that lasted five more minutes. left. hours later. they even bought me lunch for 10 euros. :), a Luftanhsa lounge pass would be a good show too. I asked about it but was politely declined. The tech support was friendly which I had an argument with myself on the United flight to DC which also softened the blow but the flight to Munich with IAD was great (02/28/18)”

Advantage:“Wheelchair service was excellent”

Inconveniences:"I wish Gulf Air would start offering movies like other competing airlines instead of blocking them."

Advantage:“I got an upgrade to business class and it was great!”

Advantage:"Great crew - fly well"

Inconveniences:“Business customers going to Jeddah should have special desks and transportation. Business class boarding should be treated better."


Inconveniences:“Too long to wait for connection tickets”

Advantage:"Service. The crew - the "chef" on board was very polite."

Inconveniences:“IFE very limited. Take a good book or two with you. Old A330 but well maintained.”

Advantage:"A 20-year-old A330/200 was sold by…"

Inconveniences:“Very poor selection of movies and TV shows. Business class seat very uncomfortable”

Inconveniences:"Late arrival. Uncomfortable seats, basic amenities”

Advantage:“I found nothing but a regular flight (A321): nothing caught my attention. However, I would still like to travel with them because of the competitive price."

Inconveniences:“The aircraft (A321) could use some refurbishment, but it's understandable why it's the way it is; also short distances. Besides, the flight was only an hour. Other than that, there's not much else to say."

Advantage:"Easy check-in, hassle-free landing, special preference for Gold Loyalty Card"

Inconveniences:"An Old Plane That Has Almost Reached Its Limit"

Advantage:“I liked the information I received via SMS from the airline. Everything arrived on time.”

Inconveniences:“Inflight entertainment was available but no headphones, making it useless. The flight was short, but still.

Inconveniences:“There were no screens or headphones on board, you had to download an app on your phone and use your own headphones to watch a very limited amount of movies/TV shows. Very tight seats, not reclined enough. It was like a cheap price I only had a flight for 5 hours. Very inconvenient.”

Advantage:“Very unprofessional team, especially Katarina who had a great attitude and left the last four rows twice for drinks and coffee. Just out of laziness."

Inconveniences:“There were problems with the website during online check-in and it was not possible to select a seat. Online check-in and in-flight service need significant improvement. I wouldn't fly to Etihad again; much higher standards and better service with Emirates or Qatar Air.”

Advantage:“Very easy check-in. Fantastic airhosting staff.”

Inconveniences:“As ALWAYS: baggage claim in Beijing is an absolute joke. It takes ages and overall there is chaos in the baggage hall. They really need to look at this space and the behavior of Chinese travelers."

Advantage:"The seats were comfortable and the staff were helpful when asked for."

Inconveniences:"The crew should be proactive in determining the needs of the passengers, etc. The movie selection was poor: lots of violence, few family movies."

Advantage:"I think it got me from point A to point B"

Inconveniences:"You can't book seats in advance, which is fine, but you can expect that with three seats on one booking, you'll at least sit together - no, three window seats anywhere on the plane. Boarding was delayed. for no reason. The bags were taken (I'm not exaggerating) about 1.5 hours longer. And without strollers it's a hot mess"

Advantage:“fairly easy flight, not too crowded so was able to stretch out a bit, really slept like a baby - super safe flight, love it”

Inconveniences:“food as mentioned above - you guys are better than others but still not that great”

Advantage:“Can't fault anything... great food. Service, food and flight nothing…”

Inconveniences:"Nothing...staff couldn't be more helpful if they tried"

Inconveniences:“Experience with travel agent (vayama) was worse than with etihad, everyone knows etihad is not on the same level as before but booking through kayak-bayama was the worst. They didn't reply to all my emails, they didn't even answer any questions to my emails, they couldn't help me if I wanted to book a seat or change my return flight. This is not my best time to use the kayaking app but this time was the worst and it changed my travel agent mindset Unfortunately my friends were right when they said I should have booked directly with the airline and not through Kayak..!!! "

Advantage:“Good seats and new planes. AUD airport is very pleasant and customer friendly. The vegetarian snack sandwiches are very tasty. It is a pity that they cannot be served with every meal, also for small children."

Inconveniences:“I turned on the lights three times to call for service, and not once did the service come to check on my needs. Our female employee was not customer friendly - I actually don't remember her smiling once during the 13 hour journey. I overheard her talking. strict and rude to other passengers. I specifically asked the crew to deliver my stroller in AUD for transit as we were flying the next day, but they did not comply with our request. Luckily AUD airport has trolleys so we used one and brought it to our hotel. The fact that Etihad doesn't offer hotel accommodation for a 14-hour transit is beyond ridiculous. I am really disappointed with the lack of long haul arrangements.

Advantage:“First, the flight was delayed by 30 minutes. I wanted to watch a movie but the headphone jack on my 22A seat doesn't work at all. I just need to look at the flight map. The clerks are busy and seem tired…The plane is full but I wanted to be moved as my ticket was eligible for an upgrade, I rarely complain but they have to check in at -22A”

Inconveniences:"The smell on the plane is happy that I have a sweet perfume spray."

Advantage:"The time to destination on a non-stop flight is excellent."

Inconveniences:“The crew is talking to the elderly. My mum was fed until she left and clearly asked for food."

Advantage:"An exciting new Dreamweaver aircraft."

Inconveniences:"Defunct USB ports, old entertainment prices need to be addressed urgently"

Inconveniences:“They bumped into me and transferred me to a later flight. Yuck"

Advantage:"Nothing special."

Inconveniences:“No entertainment on board. Old plane - no way to charge phones, not even bags to store stuff. The flight crew could use a better laugh."

Advantage:“4 hour delay and terrible service. I really hate this airline!!!!”

Inconveniences:Punctuality and better service. Notify passengers about changes in time. Totally shocked.”

Inconveniences:“The flight was delayed for 4 hours due to a mechanical problem which would have resulted in the loss of connection to Delhi and the loss of onward flights to the US. We bought new tickets from SriLankan Air to reach Delhi in time for our connection. Possibility to cancel a flight to India, but with a cancellation fee."

Advantage:“Nothing really stands out except that they gave us food. On similar flights in the US, only free drinks and food are offered."

Inconveniences:“Super tight seats, both in the space between the rows (knees touching the seat in front of me) and in the width of the seat. I am not a tall person and the seat seemed very narrow to me. Flight full so no room to stretch out. “Dated and dingy interior. Not a pleasant journey.

Inconveniences:“The flight was supposed to leave at 05:45 but was delayed for 3 hours and then canceled until 20:30. The flight was delayed by 2 hours. I finally got to the hotel and only had 3 hours of sleep before class started. at 8:00 am in Bengaluru. I've never felt so unhappy. Being late made my trip very complicated. I didn't have time to prepare for the lesson. I will never fly with Air India again."

Advantage:“Short but pleasant flight. The staff was friendly and helpful”

Inconveniences:"The delay was only announced just before the scheduled departure time"

Advantage:"Very good service. Great choice of entertainment"

Inconveniences:"Lounge in Delhi substandard connecting flight to Bangalore was delayed"


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