Cheap flights from New Delhi to Germany from €20,901 - KAYAK (2023)

The flight was an hour and a half late in total, which was typical for old Air India. So avoid the new Airindia with the same old reputation. Make sure your flights are on time.

the plane is clean and the cabin crew well-groomed

The airlines are really professional and the flights are almost on time when it comes to departures and arrivals.

The trip was booked in Premium Economy class, I was upgraded to Standard Class without compensation. When I boarded, the flight crew had already seated another person in my seat who refused to give me their seat. A lot of people without masks were found and the crew did nothing about it. No choice of food despite having a standard economy ticket which included half board.

Pathetic ground staff and customer service. I paid for an upgrade 3 weeks before my trip and was downgraded for no reason.

No food, no drinks, just water, and there is no information about this sudden change

Comfort and safety. Business class passengers could at least be served packaged food.

Surprisingly pleasant experience despite Covid-19 times. The food was too good!

Advantage:"Vistara ground staff not very helpful"

Inconveniences:"Vistara ground staff not very helpful in resolving my luggage problem in three days"

Advantage:“The Premium Economy was comfortable and separate from the main cabin. The seats in the bulkhead provided plenty of space. The crew was very friendly and welcoming.”

Inconveniences:“It was a bit warm in flight, even with the vents fully open. The snack was very tasty but I thought it would be more of a lunch/meal.”


Inconveniences:“My airline tickets broke and I had to buy new ones. Horrible"

Advantage:“Crew very nice as usual”

Inconveniences:“I was put on standby because the flight was overbooked”

Advantage:“Successful transfer from Terminal 3 to the International Terminal. Great airport. Easy boarding, friendly crew and a very smooth flight.”

Inconveniences:"I was very pleased with my experience flying Swiss."

Inconveniences:"The seats on the bus are incredibly small and recline far too far back."

Advantage:“It was okay, overall nice/nothing.”

Inconveniences:“It was okay - overall nice/not bad, but not great either. Having someone in the middle seat doesn't help, but a little more comfortable seating and a little more privacy would be nice."

Advantage:“The flight was successful. Food quite good”

Inconveniences:"I had to check my bags on the way back for no reason"

Inconveniences:“Checking in in Paris was a pain as we had to go to the ticket office and then to another desk to pay for our luggage. The first thing that annoyed me was that for an international flight, I had to pay for 2 pieces of checked baggage, but I had to walk about three to share separate lines, for this, pour wax salt into the wound.

Advantage:“The premium economy section was very nice and well worth the higher price of $150. Although there should also be priority boarding."

Inconveniences:“An hour's boarding delay, two hours on the tarmac due to loading and overweight issues. No announcements, very poor communication.”

Advantage:“They sell you a ticket and goodbye…! Need a little help or a question, they say don't do it now...!!!! Call the airline The airline says you don't have a ticket bought from the ashes and you go wave and for the same money we are in Europe......thank you bot never think twice when saying goodbye to your kayak..."

Advantage:“Even though I never got an email saying my daughter was checking in, I had another booking for her but still under my name and same email address. When I called people were friendly. But they still haven't sent me an email and information to allow my daughter to check in. They just gave me a reference number.”

Inconveniences:“We had a bad experience overall and my family and I were disappointed. I'm going to book another ticket for my brother, but I'm not considering Swiss Air this time. To be clear, I am a very positive person. and I appreciate every kind and polite gesture. Unfortunately, this experience did not give me such an opportunity.

Inconveniences:“Stay away from Turkish Airlines. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced”

Inconveniences:"The crew was not helpful at all, didn't even bother to come when asked for help"

Advantage:"Nice service"

Inconveniences:“I enjoyed the visit via Turkey and the not too long flight. I felt comfortable”

Inconveniences:"Rude crew..I'm elite plus..I can only imagine how they treat people without status"

Advantage:“Overall it was ok, but the connection between Chicago and Istanbul and back is excellent”

Inconveniences:"Just the difference in service between Delhi-Istanbul and Istanbul-Delhi is so much lower than Chicago-Istanbul and Istanbul-Chicago, it's a real disappointment"

Advantage:“I would rate Sfo-ist 5 stars, good hospitality and food. IST-SFO 3 stars, poor food, unwelcoming staff.”

Advantage:“Excellent service. Even the food was great :-). Bathroom cream and perfume was a nice touch. Nice, warm towels, Nice touch in the form of giving the menu! Check-in was easy”

Advantage:"The food was good. The flight was good. Flight crew was good”

Inconveniences:“The service during the transfer in Istanbul was not good. Wheelchair assistance was not provided. Staff in Istanbul was not helpful. The direction was not clear. Flight"

Advantage:“Great service. Good food. Arranged at boarding. No overflow. New flights. USB port available for charging devices.

Inconveniences:“Long stay in Istanbul.”

Advantage:“I asked for an emergency exit but was told I had to pay. I managed to get on the plane."

Inconveniences:"Turkey now joins the sad club of airlines charging for better seats."

Lufthansa canceled my daughter and ticket without warning. Incorrect information provided by Lufthansa staff at departure meant our baggage was checked in for part of the connecting flight and not all the way to the final destination. Hence my return flight from Delhi to the states was canceled and they allowed us to pick up our own return flights. Worst customer service from staff at the tills.

Advantage:“Legroom in economy class was mediocre. Not too tight. There was a good selection of entertainment to watch and listen to.”

Inconveniences:“The care and friendliness of the staff should be improved. The food quality was low. In addition, the boarding process needs to be better organised. Order in the facilities and queuing must be maintained and respected.”

Inconveniences:“The boarding process could be better. They can board first from the back rows and go back to the first. This will help with better passenger flow as passengers do not block the aisles.”

Advantage:"I'm stuck in London due to flight delays. I will never book with Kayak again. I'm fed up with the travel tickets I booked with Kayak"

Advantage:“I am very grateful for all the videos”

Inconveniences:"Flight from Pakistani airspace was delayed so I had to take three flights instead of two"

Advantage:“The plane is old and dirty. There is no charging facility and the seats are very uncomfortable. The crew was fine."

Advantage:“During the flight from India, the flight attendants behaved rudely. I noticed a lot of passengers don't speak English and probably think they all are."

Inconveniences:"Tell the steward to be polite when someone asks for something, it's part of their job"

Advantage:“Better food! I had a lunch bag of Delhi meatballs. The TV didn't work”

Inconveniences:“Food needs to be better”

Advantage:"Crew members were friendly."

Inconveniences:“Bathrooms need updating, many passengers, infants and children use them. It doesn't stink."

Advantage:“All full-service airlines are doing quite well in the air. However, what makes Lufthansa stand out is the ground handling. Last time I left my purse with my passport, cash and cards on the seat. The lost and found picked it up quickly, absolutely intact. Last time my mother-in-law who is over 85 years old was well looked after not only in Delhi but especially at Frankfurt airport. I really have to compliment the young lady Jessica's efforts to ensure that everything was handled very carefully by her personally for the old lady at Frankfurt Airport."

Advantage:“It's very beautiful. I like it very much".

Inconveniences:“I think food is very important. We want everything to be nice”

Advantage:“On time, usually clean and safe”

Inconveniences:“Air India is almost no-frills travel. This time the movies worked."

Inconveniences:"The sound on the TV didn't work and no one from the crew came to see if it could be fixed."

Advantage:“The crew was very quick and helpful in responding to issues.”

Inconveniences:“While the crew acted quickly, there were some issues they couldn't fix. The chair wouldn't recline, the TV screen didn't work even though the crew restarted it almost 5-6 times, the TV remote control was broken and didn't work. headphones didn't work, food wasn't very good.”

Inconveniences:“Television didn't work both ways. Bad choice of content."

Advantage:"Excellent service on board - very efficient and friendly staff."

Inconveniences:“On my flight there, the sound of the entertainment system didn't work, the table wobbled because of a missing screw. Air India sent a message asking to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight, but they were not ready to check in baggage at 10:00. at this time and hand in your boarding pass when you arrive 3 hours before your departure time.”

Inconveniences:“The TV didn't work. It's really old technology. Freshen the air regularly. It can work in toilets."

Advantage:“The only stewardess who smiled at me. That's all".

Inconveniences:“The worst was when an Air India employee refused to let me board a flight to Mumbai from Delhi because my boarding pass was torn. Well, I had a 15-hour flight from Chicago earlier and was very tired. Me, it was just not my fault or carelessness. He didn't care anyway, because they let several people with failed passes in front of me, and I had to get used to leading by example. So my punishment. Losing part of the pass meant he couldn't board. He didn't smile and didn't help me. Completely rude and unhelpful. Thank God I finally found him and was allowed on board. Also, the entertainment didn't work.

Inconveniences:"The animation on the plane was interrupted, the food was poorly prepared, there was a delay on arrival, then I was put up for the night in a very dusty hotel far from the airport."


Inconveniences:“The crew was rude and pathetic, they don't know how to talk to passengers. They are also racist. I don't know how these people can work for international airlines."


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